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Travel Inspiration Magazine

The Mission of Travel Inspiration Magazine is to promote creative bloggers and YouTubers by providing a place for these passionate travelers to tell their stories in their own words! And YOU, the reader... you could explore the world through the eyes of these creatives, be inspired for new adventures, and discover new travelers to follow on social media!

The Concept – a digital travel magazine with inspirational content in PDF format – easily accessible online and available for free download! Why, you may ask... Because the dreams of exploring the world are priceless and to enjoy the moment, you don't always have to be online...

The Person behind the concept – my name is Yordan – a passionate traveler from Stuttgart, Germany and a proud dad of two awesome daughters. I am a publisher (with a graduate degree) and marketing specialist (with a post-graduate degree) by education and I like the challenges of bringing creative ideas to life.

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